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What Makes A Good Purchase

If you're wondering why you're closet isn't working (and what to do about it), meet our simple 3 part filter for making good purchases and creating a wardrobe with intention.

One of the best ways to create a wardrobe that actually works for you is to make sure that the purchases you're making are good ones. Sounds simple, right? But having been in a few closets, we know that for the majority of us this can be easier said than done! That's why we wanted to put fingers to keys and give you our 3 part filter for analyzing items before you buy them.

Not knowing what's worth buying usually causes us to fall into one of two camps:

SCENARIO A: Having an overstuffed closet full of items we never wear because we can hardly see through the chaos or are simply too overstimulated to pull things together every morning. So we re-wear the same 5 pieces, feeling guilty for all the money sitting in drawers that continue to go untouched.

SCENARIO B: Having a bare, uninspired wardrobe with pieces that don't work together well. Causing frustration any time we get dressed because our outfits never feel finished, let alone polished.

Do either of these sound familiar? Keep reading to get our simple system for avoiding wasted purchases.

1. It Brings You Joy

If the items in your closet don’t bring you joy, it's time to swap them out for items that do! The 8/9/10 Rule If you want a closet full of items you LOVE, here’s a good rule to live by. The 8/9/10 rule means that if you wouldn’t rate something at an 8 or above on a scale of 1-10, it doesn’t belong in your closet. Bad buys (yes, even sale items) are ones that hang in your closet with no wear in sight. You pull them out, just to put them back in. AKA, they take up unnecessary space in your closet and mind! Use this 8/9/10 rule to clear out your current closet and move forward with buying only items that make you giddy. You curate a wardrobe you love by only adding in items you love. .

2. The Cost Per Use is Low

Cost per use is how much you paid for an item divided by how many times you wear it. So if you buy a $20 top and wear it once, your CPU is $20. If you buy a $50 top and wear it 10x, the CPU is $5.

How can you know if an item will have a high CPU? Look for the items you find yourself wishing you had more of! Items that will help you finish a look, like certain accessories in colors you wear often can have a high CPU. Or think about the type of pants or dresses you wear most often - is there a certain style of shoe you could wear with most of them?

3. It's Versatile

Avoiding bad buys (and therefore an overstuffed closet) can be as simple as asking this question before checkout..

How can I style this?

Think about whether you can wear it with more than one thing in your closet or if it can be dressed up or down. Will it easily layer in the winter and be easy to style in the summer? What aspects of your life will it work for? Do you have multiple tops/bottoms/shoes to pair it with? *Of course* not every piece in your wardrobe will check every single box, but the more they do, the more likely you are to get good use out of the item!

While versatility may sound like a no brainer, its key in avoiding a wardrobe that feels a constant need to overturn and start from scratch each week.

BONUS STEP: Analyze Your Current Wardrobe

Have you ever gotten to the store to buy groceries for the week just to realize you're not sure what to make or what you have in your pantry?

We have! And it can feel like a waste of time trying to guess what you have to make back home, especially when the important ingredient you swore you still had on the shelf was used earlier in the week without you knowing. There's nothing like a second trip to wally world in a day to put a smile on anyone's face.. *crickets*

That's what it's like buying without any knowledge of what you ALREADY own! Although it adds a bit of time on the front end and even while you're shopping, taking 10 minutes to get to know your existing wardrobe and then a pause to put your next purchase through a "good purchase" filter really can save you time on the daily basis!! No more unnecessary items hanging in your closet or wardrobe holes keeping you from styling expert level outfits.

As always, your image and style are an ever-evolving work in progress.. it's okay if your wardrobe is too!

Ready to create a wardrobe full of strategic, level 10 love purchases? We know just the thing! Check out our Cracking the Code program where we help you determine your best colors (the ones worth building a wardrobe around), teach you how to flatter your figure including what styles to look for, and walk alongside you to define a style the feels personal to you and your lifestyle.

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With love & style,



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