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Our Top Travel Essentials as Personal Stylists

From vacations to work trips and everything in between, it's pretty amazing to look back on the last decade and note how much time we've spent either in the car or on a plane. With all that packing practice, we've learned a thing or two about what to bring, what to leave at home, and how to make any trip a little bit smoother!

So whether you're packing for a week or overnight, we've compiled a list between the 3 of us of handy travel essentials that have made our lives easier over the last few years of adventure. Scroll on to find our travel favorites and click the pictures for an easy link to them!


This is one of those products you wish you'd bought yeeeears before you actually did! It's perfect for anyone who likes the option of working (or playing) on roadtrips because you can plug a laptop charger in for endless juice. Carly uses hers routinely to utilize her car time productively and sneak in work when needed. We love a work hard, play hard scenario!


A travel buddy if there ever was one! We love packing a travel steamer with us on trips because it ensures our clothes look neat without having to use a hotel ironing board. Plus, if you've never used a steamer, you're missing out!! It's like ironing - but WAY faster, easier, and actually more gentle on your clothing. This travel option is nice because it takes up so little space in your bag, but also does it's job. Plus, this one comes highly rated!


Here's why we love packing a pashmina in our travel bags.. they're incredibly versatile! It folds up small so it doesn't take over your bag like some scarfs do, but also works as a great in flight blanket when your plane inevitably turns into a tundra. Plus, it can be a chic addition to a dressier outfit (hello wedding guest attire) making it a multi use item worth stowing into your carry on.


Have you tried packing this way yet? We love packing cubes because they keep your bag organized, can be a space saver, and can work as a "dirty laundry" receptacle on your way home, too! Use them to organize your bag by days of the trip, keep your outfits together, or even to share a bag with someone else. Carly used them recently to pack a large bag with her toddler and found it so easy to unpack at their destination because she could pull out one cube out at a time versus unleashing a messy pile of clothing.


There's few things as frustrating as tangled jewelry which is why we encourage taking the time to pack it well in the first place. A jewelry travel case like this one keeps it organized and simplified so you're less likely to lose a piece along the way. Of course if you're traveling with anything of sentimental or monetary value on a flight, we encourage you to put your jewelry case in your carry on luggage versus checked luggage. We've heard too many nightmare stories of lost heirlooms to risk leaving it in the hands of the airline.


These are so convenient for anyone who likes having a second set of footwear just in case. Whether it's to relieve your feet from heels or to simply be prepared, these foldable flats are great for tucking away in your bag for your next trip (or errand run!) They come in multiple colors, including a neutral for every season!


The utilmate personal bag!! Because it fits under the seat on airplanes, you can pack a bag full and still bring a carry on. Plus the band across the back easily slides over the handle of a suitcase for easy travel through the airport! And in case you're on the petite side like Sharon, this can come in handy to use as a foot rest mid flight as well.


Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by ruined clothing in transit!! It can be so frustrating to open up your suitcase during travel to find your items didn't enjoy the trip quite as much as you did. After one too many ruined shoes over the years, Sharon now always places her shoes in bags for travel. This simple step keeps them from rubbing together and getting damaged along the way!


Here's the deal.. we are fully convinced that most hotels rooms were not designed by women getting ready in them. Between the terrible lighting and lack of mirror space, it's just a no win situation sometimes! Which is why we love a good travel mirror that easily slides into your bag or suitcase to remove the getting ready drama. This one folds up flat and has a rechargeable light.


This might seem a little out of left field for a travel essentials list but hear us's a game changer for aiding your body with changes in diet during travel! We love how packable this probiotic is and the ingredients are grown on organic farms for optimal nutrients.


We love belt bags for travel because you're less likely to leave it behind somewhere, it's anchored to you for safe keeping, and allows you to be hands free for all the adventures you're sure to find! We recommend getting one in a neutral first for versatility. We've rounded up a few fun options in a variety of colors!


These are just so cool we had to include them in our essentials list! As frequently as we travel (even for 24 hour trips) it makes sense to keep a packed bag of our favorite products in travel sizes versions. It's worth noting the convenience of being able to load them up with your favorite perfumes and go!


Is there anything worse than a dead phone while traveling? Well of course there is.. But it still stinks!! This charger was a blessing on our last trip to LA. Sharon's phone wouldn't stay charged on its own, so spending the entire day out it was helpful to have an option to keep it alive. These come in a pack of one or two and stay charged up for a long time!



It's the little luxuries that you really start to miss the most when you're not at home! And while house slippers isn't necessarily an *essential* item while travel, it is a nice extra to pack in your bag to make your space a little more homey. Plus, if you're a germaphobe at all, it cuts the ickiness out of hotel room carpets when you don't have to go barefoot. These are comfy, cute, and come in lots of colors!

We hope you've enjoyed this list of some of our favorite items to pack in our suitcases as frequent travelers and personal stylists! What did we miss? Comment your favorite travel essentials below!!

With love & style,



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