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Silver & Gold Shoe Roundup

One of our favorite hacks for versatility when it comes to buying shoes, is finding styles in your best metal colors! They'll work with nearly every outfit in your wardrobe and are amazing for simplifying packing. If you're looking for a shoe to invest in that you know you'll get a lot of wear in, consider going the metallic route!

For those with warm skin tone, metals like gold, bronze, and copper are going to be great colors to look for while if you have cool skin tone, you want to build your wardrobe around silver, pewter, and platinum. Ready to refresh your shoe game? Check out our picks below!


All three of our stylists own a pair of metallic sneakers, varying in style, and find we get a lot of use out of them! They're great for dressing down a look when you're wanting to go more casual while simultaneously being a more chic option to a traditional tennis shoe.


Having a pair of metallic sandals is the ultimate packing hack because one pair of shoes can be styled with most of your outfits! We've compiled a few ranging from super casual to a little on the dressier side to fit your style and lifestyle.


Talk about easy and chic! We love a fun or classic heel in silver and gold for adding a little glitz to your look. Style them with a dress for your next event or jeans and a top for work or weekend.


Some of our most worn shoes! Most of us are wearing flats on a daily basis, so shopping primarily in this arena just makes sense. You'll be amazed at how often a silver or gold flat will pair with your everyday looks.


These are just plain fun! Perfect for adding a statement to your outfit, these metallic boots and booties definitely lean more trendy. You're sure to get lots of compliments on these fun styles.

We love helping you find the items that will make putting together your looks easier than ever! When we find a style tip that works, we can't help but share it. Now it's your turn to pass on the helpful news! Share this list with someone you know who's on the hunt for everyday shoe options.

What should we do a round up of next? Comment below to let us know!


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