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An Intentional Shopper's Gift Guide

Loaded with small businesses, fun/quirky ideas, and intentional gifts, this guide was created to spark NEW ideas for giving to the loved ones in your life! (and yay - mostly small business)

We want to preface this entire list by reminding you that you got this!! The best gift is one given with care, so don't stress over your list of presents so much this holiday season you miss out on the joy of actually giving. Also, you'll notice that a few of the items on this list do include affiliate links. Thank you so much for shopping through those links to purchase as it allows us to spend more time creating this type of content for you to enjoy!! As always, we hope this resource helps you to feel more equipped. With ideas, encouragement, or even entertainment :) Now let's get to it.


Service based or experience style gifts haven been gaining popularity and are a great gifting option for a variety of reasons! For one, you can almost always support local with this kind of a gift who doesn't love that kind of a win, win? Another major perk is that its fun to open, but even more fun when the recipient actually gets to use it! Here are a few of the experience gifts we've given (and received) in the past:

  1. Massage - Do we even need to elaborate on this one?? Pure heaven and the perfect refresher for the busybody in your life. This can be given alone as a one off gift or if you're looking for a way to beef it up more, add a gift card to a local coffee shop or lunch spot for a peaceful afternoon!

  2. Facial - This is a fun one because many people either haven't experienced a facial, or it's not something they treat themselves to regularly. Even if your recipient does get routine facials, there's something special about their next appointment being taken care of by you. It shows how well you know what's important to them!

  3. Car Detail - If you know someone who likes to keep things tidy or has an Acts of Service love language, this is a great gift! We (Carly) gave this to my FIL for his birthday last year and he loved having someone take a task off of his plate.

  4. Photography Gift Certificate - Hear us out, this is could be great for a Mom or Grandma!! Getting a certificate or session with a photographer can be a fun way to update their family photos.

  5. Cooking Class - If you have a gourmand in your midst, a cooking class might be the perfect date night or guys/girl's night to gift! Even a knife cutting class could be a fun skill someone on your list might love to *sharpen* up on. If you're in Missouri, check out KC's Culinary Center for a list of their upcoming classes!

  6. Color Consultation - We may be a little biased, but we have seen this be such a sentimental gift to share because it includes time to bond and encourage one another. Plus, its information you learn for a lifetime! Check out all of our gift-able services HERE.


Nobody wants to give a gift that's just going to sit around unused, but there's not always a great way to know what someone will get use out of. Especially the people on your list who might be harder to shop for! Here's our shortlist of gifts practical enough to know they'll get used, plus with a unique twist to make them feel special.

  • Fun Bookmarks - Perfect for a reader in your life! These bookmarks from Etsy come in all kinds of styles to choose from. We love these acrylic ones because they're *beautiful* and so easily personalized. This would be a fun in addition to a book you're gifting, purchased for a stocking, or could make a great teacher gift!

  • Acrylic Picture Block - As I was ordering pictures for our home I stumbled upon these acrylic picture blocks and fell in love! I'll definitely be adding these to my future shopping cart. They would make a great gift because they're different than your typical picture frame, the simplistic style means you don't have to worry about choosing a frame that matches someone's home, and they're a gift that would bring joy for literal decades!! I'm envisioning a couple in different sizes to layer on a bookshelf or mantle. BONUS, they're from a local print company in our Midwest backyard of Pittsburg, KS!

  • Gift Baskets - This is a gift idea that might require a little more work on your end but is SO customizable that you could make them again and again! All you have to do is pick a theme, find a few items that fit it, and then wrap them in a box for a fun to receive (and very aesthetically pleasing) gift! Another plus is that because you choose what goes in, you can control the price point! This could be a $30 gift or a $300 gift, it's truly up to you!

Here are a few ideas:

- Beauty Box with your favorite skin care, beauty products, a hair wrap, robe, etc.

- Grilling Box with some seasonings, grilling tongs, thermometer, recipe book, etc.

- Cozy Box with fuzzy socks, a candle, fancy chocolates, journal, etc.

- Stationary Box with fun pens, stationary, stamps, personalized address labels.

- Homemade Box with breads, jams, a jelly knife, serving tray, etc.

- Small Biz Box with boutique items, local finds, etc.

The possibilities of this one are *truly* endless!! We've even linked a few baskets and supplies for you below.

**And if you're reeeeally not feeling it, Amazon has these pre-made gift boxes already ready to go for you + sourced by a female founded company in Denver, Co!

  • Funky Socks - What guy doesn't need socks? This company makes unique prints + patterns and even offers a monthly sock subscription! Check out their cool story here.

  • Local Artisan Work - This can look like soooo many things, we had to include it under one umbrella because there are sure to be some very talented artists near you that we encourage you to discover! Here are a few ideas to look for:

- Handpainted Bibles + Journals (we're loving Olive & Leaf Co)

- Handmade Jewelry

- Local Pottery

- Artwork that fits their home or is of their family

- All the local treats for your foodie friends!

  • Homemade Gifts - While we're on the subject of handmade, there are all kinds of things you can make as gifts as well! We love receiving baked goods, tree ornaments, quilts, and so many more! Pinterest is riddled with fun ideas so if you're feeling crafty don't be afraid to do a little digging for something you can create yourself.

  • Address Stamp - A personalized gift that most people won't buy for themselves! There are so many different styles and fonts to choose from out there.


One way to treats the gals in your life is by gifting fun beauty products they may have never tried before! Whether you're gifting for a beauty guru or novice, these ideas are fun and unique for gifting (or snagging for your own beauty stash - we won't tell!)

  • Nail Concealer - The closest thing to a gel manicure that isn't a gel manicure. Once you use this, you'll never go back to regular polish! Plus, it's available in lots of popular nail colors.

  • Light Up Lipgloss - A client favorite that we keep on hand at Equipped! This lip gloss not only has a mirror on the side, but also has a built in light that comes on when opened. We've had women stop us in the airport to know where we got it!

  • Shower Steamers - We picked a few of these up from our friend, Cana, at her boutique in Fayette, Mo and fell in love! If you're gifting for someone that doesn't really take baths but loves a good treat yourself moment, these shower steamers are great.

  • Travel Cosmetic Bags - For anyone who travels often or is simply on the go like we are, coordinating cosmetic bags are a great gift for helping them feel organized and stylish! This set is great because you can either use all four bags individually, or use the clear case for holding all your smaller bags together in one spot. An easy win!

We hope you found our first ever Gift Guide helpful for your holiday shopping! Let us know if you try out any of these gift ideas and don't forget that we have gift certificates available for any amount. Wishing you joy + peace!

Merry Christmas,



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