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Cold Weather Shoes (By Seasonal Palette)

Shoes are the backbone to a great wardrobe and a finished look. It can be hard to find shoes you know will get a lot of use, but one question we always know to ask is, “Are these in my color palette?” Since we know that operating our wardrobes within a chosen color palette can not only make it look more cohesive but also streamline our purchases, it’s a key factor in whether or not we’re going to purchase a pair on the ‘to buy or not to buy’ chopping block.

Here’s what we mean: If as a Summer, I choose to operate in my best neutrals of navy, grey, and pink brown, then I know that every time I buy a pair of shoes in these colors, I have something at home to pair them with! If I buy all of my accessories in these colors, even better! I need less things, because the things I do have work together. If I buy colors at random and I want a cohesive look, I have to buy more in the long run.

So, we chatted about our favorite shoes and went searching to provide you with some easy to shop options in each season for the coming cold weather months.We found a mixture of styles and price points. Click the links to shop!


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Let us know how your cold weather shoe wardrobe is shaping up this year in the comments! And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter HERE.

With love & style, The EQUIPPED Gals


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