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4 Secret Weapons for Your Wardrobe

As stylists (and women) we are always on the hunt for new tools to keep in our toolbox that make our lives and the lives of our clients easier! There are a few we’ve used and loved for years and others we’ve found more recently we can’t wait to share about. Keep reading for a list of our top recommendations and why!

This is an underrated product if there ever was one! Incredibly inexpensive and easy to use, this shaver is perfect for freshening up pieces you’ve worn for years and look well loved. Or even just took an extra tumble in the dryer and needs a little reviving! It’s great for removing pilling, including on items like your cloth couches and pillows.

You’e heard us talk about this tool for years! A steamer can do (almost) anything an iron can do, but is faster and more gentle on your clothes. We love having a portable option for both travel and easy storage at home. This option heats up quickly and has great reviews!

This is a tool that may not get *constant* use, but boy is it handy! If you have a top with a lower v-neck you’re wanting to temporarily stitch up or a rolled sleeve you’d love to keep in place, this stitch gun is legit! We’ve also seen it used if you want to cuff your jeans for the day. There’s so many ways to use it! It holds great and once you’re done, just pull out the temporary stitch.

Do you ever see something and wonder why you didn’t invent it? That’s how we feel about these necklace tree clasps! So simple and easy to wear — this tool is useful for easily layering your favorite necklace without all the tangling. It keeps your layered necklace in place and is a magnetic clasp for easily taking on and off.

We hope you get as much use out of these wardrobe weapons as we do and don’t forget to pass along your favorites to us!! We love learning about new tools to try.

This week’s challenge: Share this blog post with someone you think might love to learn about one of these tools!

With love & style,



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