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2024 Swimwear for Every Seasonal Palette

A round up of swim suits and coverups for every seasonal palette. Find the perfect suit for you from this colorful and size inclusive list!

There's something about Memorial Day weekend that just FEELS like summer.

And with summer (hopefully) comes an excuse to be out by the water somewhere! I'm convinced most people are either lake or beach people. Even if you enjoy both! There's one you prefer, isn't there? By request, we've rounded up swim wear in all four seasonal color palettes to make swimsuit shopping a little more enjoyable and a little less overhwelming!

You'll see picks from retailers like Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Summersalt, JCrew, Macy's, and a few others to give you a good range of colors and prices to choose from. We’ve also tried to focus on brands and styles that are size inclusive so you’ll notice that most of the swimsuits are offered in at least XS-2X. We want you to be fully present in whatever activity you’re experiencing this summer, so let’s find the right swimwear to fuel your confidence!

When it comes to selecting the perfect swimwear, there's more to consider than just the latest trends or the most flattering cuts. By identifying and understanding your seasonal color palette, you can elevate your swimwear choices and enhance your natural beauty even at the beach or poolside! In this blog post, we'll explore swimwear options that will perfectly match your seasonal color palette. Don't forget a memorable swim wear look includes shoes & accessories just like your normal outfits! Consider those pieces as well when packing for your next trip or pool day.

Don’t know what your best colors are yet? We can help!

If you’re ready to dive in, you’ll find our hand selected picks in each season below. And don’t forget to share this blog post with your color loving friends!

*The following links are commissionable, but at no extra cost to you

SPRING Swimsuits - Warm, clear and bold colors perfect for your glowing features!

AUTUMN Swimsuits - Warm, rich and toasty colors perfect for your golden features!

WINTER Swimsuits - Cool, clear and bold colors perfect for your striking features!

SUMMER Swimsuits - Cool, dusty and soft colors perfect for your striking features!

We hope you've enjoyed this round up of seasonal swimwear for every seasonal color palette! Choosing swimwear in your best colors is a game-changer when it comes to elevating your beach or poolside style. If shopping or packing feels overwhelming, let us help! Working with a personal stylist allows you to effortlessly navigate the vast options available and make informed choices that accentuate your natural beauty.

With love & style,

Carly & the EQUIPPED team

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